How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Summer Yoga Program

This summer, I was blessed to teach K-6 children yoga in the Cincinnati Boys & Girls Club program.

Day 1, only a few hands went up 1 when I asked what yoga was.

Kids wiggled, paying little attention to direction.  But within weeks of having fun together while learning to stretch and calm down by focusing on breathing, they became more coordinated and responsive, enjoying each class’ unique themes and games.

The weeks have progressively filled me with joy.

What a thrill to witness their little smiles!  Boys & Girls Club staff report children have asked parents to let them stay after school on Yoga Day!  And I overheard one little boy said to another, “I was going to punch my little brother last night, but I took a deep yoga breath instead.”

This YogaJournal article outlines benefits yoga provides children.