Starry Night



The sky is bright where I live.

Illumination is essential for the functionality of a city and can provide a certain kind of beauty, but the stars are obscured from me.  On treasured occasions when I find myself distanced from civilization, I look upward toward the dark and mysterious beauty which is always there, but not always visible to me.


Drawing #14 created with FingerPaint Glow Coloring and Doodle Drawing Free

Red River Rappelling



My friends Bob and Jeff were my wilderness training guides this weekend.

Organized, focused and skilled, they arranged a road trip to Red River Gorge and carefully outlined every step to ensure safety, before we literally stepped off a cliff.  Our beautiful time together in the woods is subject matter for drawing #13 of my 31-day drawing challenge.

Not muscled, I was afraid. But as we often learn in life, success results when we allow the rope to support us.

Created on Doodle Buddy for iPad by Pinger, Inc



First Fire of the Season


I’ve noticed yoga is teaching me to sit still.

Occasionally I wish I were sitting someplace else.  In my imagination, I see myself by a fire as it warms smiling faces with sandy shoes, toasting soft marshmallows to pure golden perfection.

Today’s drawing illustrates that I look forward to enjoying the real thing soon.

Drawing #7 created with MyPaint Free by MyMedia