Grain Of Sand



Mom was in town, so we paid a visit to Violet and her sister.

The girls were lively and became even more so when I joined them jumping on the sofa.  Both Violet’s and my mother frowned at that.

Stretching upward Violet whispered to me softly, “Can we draw with chalk?!”  I ask, What should we draw? “The ocean!”  Why?  “Um…going to beach.”   Do you like the beach? “No.”  Why not?   With a scrunched face and tight lips she snips, “Sand.”  I describe sand castles as she looks me straight in the eye and says, “Draw a boat.”

Pressing on the chalk, I consider that sand does have a bad rap.  It’s scratchy in bathing suits, makes the car a mess, and is the medium of choice when drawing a line of ultimatum.  So I draw an ocean and sun, boat, fish and palm tree.   No sand.

Satisfied, Violet pretends to swim in the chalk water.

Precious and precocious, it won’t be long until she grows up and is riding the waves, turning sand into castles and lemons into lemonade.