Everybody Can Help Somebody


Denver Moore and Ron Hall’s worlds collided in 1998.

I met Ron when he spoke at National Philanthropy Day®, an event recognizing generous contributors.  His story is told in the New York Times best-seller Same Kind of Different as Me.

This wealthy rancher, and an ex-con, forged an unlikely friendship which led to raising over $70 million for homeless shelters nationwide.

One night, Ron’s wife dreamed a homeless man would change their lives.  Searching the streets, they found Denver, and offered to help, launching a mutual journey of transformation. Ron realized when he looked at Denver, he saw himself in the same mirror.

Both were afraid. One of giving, one of receiving.

A third of annual giving occurs between now and the end of the year. (Blackbaud Charitable Giving Report)  Consider sharing your resources of time, talent and finances.

Don’t turn away because you feel you can’t give enough. As Denver says, “Nobody can help everybody, but everybody can help somebody.”