Happy Chinese New Year, Fine Swine


Today welcomes the Year of the Earth Pig.  Celebrations unfold across the world in anticipation of a new year footnoted by the best characteristics of these gentle animals.

Pig is considered a symbol of prosperity and great fortune.  Companionable, clean and cerebral – intelligent as a 3 year old child, they live together in harmony, often sleeping cuddled up snout-to-snout.

With no sweat glands, they actually never “sweat like a pig.”  So anticipate a year of cool ease as Pig roots out happiness for you to share in joyful companionship with an enlarging circle of friends and family.

Happy New Year.  May All Your Dreams Come True.

Lesson Learned


I have been asking people what they’ve learned along the way in life:

Esther told me the #1 life lesson is to be honest, but her husband Martin doesn’t agree. The service manager at my car dealership learned he earns increased loyalty by sending customers to a low-cost shop when the required fix isn’t technically demanding.  Paula came out of unscheduled surgery to discover she has a congenital heart defect; she has learned to appreciate breathing.

We each see the world from where we are. If we look around at all, others may seem to have all the answers. But your best answers are your own.  Instead of asking others, ask yourself.  Look within for wisdom.  You’ve got this.

Life Lessons: Be Prepared



If you visit Muirfield Village Golf Club for the annual Memorial Tournament – or for this weekend’s President’s Cup – come prepared for rain.

Today a 10% forecast of precipitation resulted in 100% buckets of water, requiring the tallest galoshes and multiple delays in play.

Regular attendees expect this.  Umbrellas in tow, they shrug off curious glances on a bright and sunny day, knowing the ghost of Chief Leatherlips, who is buried on the tournament grounds, could orchestrate his curse of a rain delay at any time.

Life Lesson: Hospitality

get-attachment.aspx_2This afternoon, I stopped by Ell Farm for raw honey.  Cincinnati’s surrounding hills trap pollen and mold, and locals suggest this sweet treat will help keep transplants to the city from developing allergies.

Mrs. Ell was at the counter.  Realizing I’m friends with her daughter, she suggested I go over to the house and say hello.  I didn’t want to impose, but she insisted.

Hesitantly walking through the organic orchard, I was welcomed by my friend’s young son and an invitation to pick apples! Tart, sweet and crisp, we tasted them right off the tree, juice running down our chins and glinting in the sunshine.

Accept all offers of hospitality for the potential joy they may bring.

Life Lesson: Sufficiency

Cincinnati Councilman Wendell Young

At last night’s Cincinnati mayoral debate, I met City Council Member Wendell Young.  We chatted briefly, and he turned to join guests filing into the auditorium.

Suddenly remembering my blog challenge, I quickly asked if he had a life lesson to share with me.  Smiling, and with a slight question in his voice, he replied “Don’t jump out of a perfectly good airplane, if you have a choice?!

As he told me that parachutes weren’t his favorite part of a stint in the US Air Force, I considered the thrill and adrenaline rush of a free fall isn’t necessary if you can be happy with what you have.

Life Lessons: Bright Stories



Annually, The Nesting Place blog author challenges readers to post to their own blogs about a single theme during the month of October.  Last year 1200 bloggers participated and I was one of them, creating and posting a daily drawing.

This year I will post Life Lesson stories – approaching people I don’t know to ask what their greatest lesson in life has been. I’m interested to discover whom I’ll meet and what I uncover.

Life Lessons:    Sufficiency         Hospitality           Be Prepared          Lesson Learned