Happy Chinese New Year, Fine Swine


Today welcomes the Chinese Year of the Earth Pig.

Pig is considered a symbol of prosperity and good fortune. Celebrations unfold across the world in anticipation of a new year that will be footnoted by the best characteristics of these gentle animals.

Companionable, clean and intelligent as a 3 year old child, pigs live together in harmony, often sleeping cuddled up snout-to-snout.

Having no sweat glands, they actually never “sweat like a pig.”  Let that be a sign to anticipate a year of cool ease, as Pig roots out happiness for you to share in joyful close companionship with friends and family.

Happy New Year.  May All Your Dreams Come True.

The Sheep Sees

5E317506-28CD-4042-935B-600FBF2D3947What do you desire?

Today ushers in the Green Sheep for Chinese Lunar New Year, which is marked by the New Moon and thought to support wishes.

Everyone’s seen white sheep and black sheep, gray sheep and brown.  But where can a green sheep be found?   Authors Mem Fox and Judy Horacek’s children’s book Where Is The Green Sheep? outlines a delightful journey to answer that question.  The story eventually locates the animal sleeping in a bed of green grass.

In my imagination, I believe he is making wishes and dreaming of a happy year.

New Year, New Horse


Saddle up!

Chinese New Year brings us eye to eye with the Green Wooden Horse and its high-stepping energy of good fortune.

In 2013, the year of the Snake was quietly planning for this journey.  Now is the time to embody strength, speed, perseverance and willingness to bend to the bridle’s direction.

Travel and noble victory are happily promised in the months ahead.  This year Horse, long revered for transportation, will get you where you want to go at full-gallop.