"Give light and the people will find their own way. - Carl Magee, June 1922, The E.W. Scripps Company

I’m just like you, and I’m also unique.   Like you, there exists in me a spark of the light that makes our world beautiful. Sometimes I forget that. Perhaps you do too.

I’ve found that yoga and drawing both help me to lighten up and let my light shine.  As I stretch and breathe on my mat, yoga allows me to relax, discard the day and be still.  And when I use both sides of my brain to write and draw, I open myself up to the great creator, never quite knowing what will shine through me to land on the page.

I recently earned my RYT® teacher certification to help at-risk youth manage their stress through yoga.  The kids enjoy my digital art, which provides an “undo” key to ensure mistakes are always forgiven.  Brightly Shine is a notebook of scribbles, my little blog about what happens next.  I expect the future will be bright.

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