Perfect Cat


The sweet cat I rescued and nursed back to health has called my house home for a year. Homeless for many months, she drank from puddles and relied on neighbors to offer food. We all knew her owner, who refused to reply to inquiries.

Now healthy, happy and heavier, she rarely ventures from my garden.  She never jumps on tables or counter. The furniture is intact; she only claws her scratching pad.  A perfect cat.

The Tortoise breed has unique coloring and a chatty vocabulary. Mine is a mottled mix of brown and black; the tips of her toes are cardboard brown with a patch of pure white over her heart.  In retrospect I see that as a sign; caring for her heart has helped mine.

1 thought on “Perfect Cat

  1. I love the saying, “who rescued who?”
    And another “RESCUED – my favorite breed.”
    Both seem to fit in this scenario!

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