Putting The Sun To Sleep


Alaska is a magical place in the summer.

 Backroads’ hiking and cycling adventure immersed me in pristine wildflowers, glaciers and salmon jumping upstream.   I prepared my body for the challenge by cycling at the gym and broke in hiking boots walking around town. 

But nothing prepared my spirit for the heart stopping views. 

Landing in rustic paradise, my pupils opened wide to drink in the beauty of the ever present sun.  From Sitka to Homer and the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska’s beauty is a reflection of God’s extremely enormous outdoor cathedral.

Here, interconnected life thrives, supported by a circular cycle of perfection outside the reach of man’s hand.  The energy is palpable. A few days in, I notice everything seems to slightly move. Even the mountains dance, keeping company with rushing rivers and sparkling waterfalls, trees and grasses as they grow.

Tonight, as Labor Day closes the door on summer and I tuck-in early while, as in Alaska, it is still light out.  Shutting my eyes, I can almost see a moose lumbering across the road.

In my imagination, I am back.

And I fall asleep under the midnight sun.

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