Yoga Burrito


What makes each of us feel safe is very personal.

July gifts the coldest evening on record as The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati summer Project Yoga session ends.

After completing stretching and balancing poses, we sit on our mats and breathe deeply.  Focusing on the breath directs attention and promotes relaxation, providing the kids a simple and accessible tool to reduce anxiety.

I ask my students to select a place to go in their imaginations, then they relax and have a peaceful rest. The kids say their “Yoga Nap” is the part of class they like best.

As I watch, the most fidgety child rolls up in his mat like a yoga burrito until, within its embrace, he finally becomes still.

Then I sit on my mat and breathe deeply myself, knowing I’m making a difference.

1 thought on “Yoga Burrito

  1. I shared this with my friend Ryan who has three young boys of her own. Her comment: How did she get them to sit in the first place?

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