Art Director


Violet and I go way back.

Just one day after her own birth, she joined my birthday celebration and was the hit of the party.

Tonight, her mommy and daddy prepared dinner as Violet and I went outside to play.  She placed sidewalk chalk in front of me saying, “You draw.”  I replied with encouragement, “Violet, you draw!”  She refused. “No. You are the drawer.”

Clearly in charge, Violet has vision.

She asked for flowers. Then ‘sunshine,’ and an airplane.   “Why do we need a plane?”  Placing her hands on her hips with an incredulous look she tells me firmly, “We… have… planes.“  So I set about recreating an aircratft on its landing pattern into FBO Lunken Airport, near her hillside home.

At one point she appears to lose focus and walks away to play with her toys.  I ask “Are we are done?”  She calls back to me loudly, “Toys help drawing!”

Like all good Art Directors, Violet understands the creative value of redirecting attention.  She trusts others to do work she oversees and gives decisive direction. “No. I don’t like it”  and “Make more of those,” all the while enthusiastically sharing her ideas so the finished result really shines.

Then, stepping back, she flashed a happy 3-year-old smile, just as dinner was served.


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