The Road South


Lately, I’ve spent more time driving south of the Mason Dixon line.

My trek follows the mighty Ohio River, traversing the most impoverished counties in Ohio and five of the poorest states in the USA:  Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee and North and South Carolina.

In the rural South, county, rather than town, denotes location of residence. The nearest grocery is 15 minutes away on lonely roads at 50 mph. The horizon is flat. Churches are beckoning landmarks ensuring one has turned the right way, and pressing the reset button on Sunday.

Industry is predominantly military and agriculture. The roadside is strewn with light puffs of raw cotton, left behind from a field recently picked. But the crop is no longer processed locally, it is trucked to a Japanese owned milI.

It is easy to want more. But everything is relative. Here, I am the 1%.

I see I already have all I need, and more.

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