25 Drawings In 31 Days


31 days ago, I committed to participate in The Nester’s annual 31 day challenge by posting a drawing on my blog every day in October.  I completed 25.  What did I learn?

Plan ahead; don’t wait until you’re in pajamas at 11pm to think about what to draw that day. No second guesses, keep the pen moving; do not erase. A month ago I said I can’t draw, but it appears I can.  Communication doesn’t require perfection.  Be your real self; authenticity is your super-power.

That last bit is paraphrased from Dan Reynolds, super-cool creative guy at Landor.  A recent chat with Dan encouraged me, pen in hand, to continue my drawing experiment with the people who come by my blog to check it out.

Drawing #25 created on Doodle Buddy for iPad by Pinger, Inc

1 thought on “25 Drawings In 31 Days

  1. Love all of your drawings. Very talented. When you are famous, please note that Sarah and I were your two first and most devoted fans.

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