31 Drawings in 31 Days

I can’t draw.

But today I will start drawing, and plan to continue for the next 31 days.

My month of digital “artwork” is thanks to a challenge from The Nester, who has a popular blog, a beautiful home and who suggests her readers in the blog community do the impossible – create a post a day for the entire month of October.

My artwork this month may look a childish.  But I teach children and I’ve noticed they see the intention in art, not the flaws.  A child’s tree, my tree, and a Rembrandt tree are all simply a tree.   If only we adults could view the world so simply!  Within my drawings I seek only to capture the essence of what I view.  I hope you’ll come along on this challenge with me!

Created with FingerPaint Glow Coloring and Doodle Drawing Free, by Venturesoft LLC

4 thoughts on “31 Drawings in 31 Days

  1. sound like it’s going be fun for you and inspiritional for me to watch. I’am sure I’ll try something new. as well 🙂

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