A New Twist


I don’t sit still well, or for very long.  One year on April Fool’s day, a client actually built a speed bump in the hall outside my P&G office!  A clear communication I might consider slowing down.

For a decade, my life was constant movement between offices and countries, always onward to the next big deal. Work came first. Exercise consisted solely of running through airports. Seriously.

The day I realized I could cut through fellow travelers in the airport faster if I had a smile on my face, shoulders held back, and a calm certainty I would make the flight –  that was the day I did my first yoga pose. I just didn’t realize it yet. Unknowingly, I discovered a kind of transcendence and ability to achieve my desired outcome by simultaneously harnessing ease, joy and will. It was magic.

Many hundreds of thousands of air miles later, circumstances brought me to a yoga class… and I hated it. So slow, so focused. How could this stuff possibly transform life and limb?   I discovered my biggest challenge was to remember to breathe. I was constantly holding my breath!

Eventually yoga taught me to breathe on my mat. Slowly I’m learning to breathe in life. And after a particularly deep breath, I dove into yoga teacher training. Ready for a new twist.

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