A New Twist


I walk very fast, and don’t sit still for long.

One year on April Fool’s day, a colleague collected packaging material to build a speed bump in the hall immediately outside my P&G office.  Clear communication I might consider slowing down!

For a decade, my life has been constant movement between offices across continents. Always onward.  Work came first. Exercise consisted of running through airports. Seriously.  One day I realized I actually cut through crowds in the airport faster with a joyful smile on my face, shoulders back, and a calm certainty I would make the flight.

That was the day I did my first yoga pose; I just didn’t realize it yet.   Unknowingly, I discovered a transcendent ability to achieve my desired outcome by simultaneously harnessing ease, joy and will.  It was magic.

Hundreds of thousands of air miles later, I tried yoga, and wondered how this stuff could possibly transform life and limb?  My biggest challenge was to remember to breathe; I was constantly holding my breath.

I stuck with it and yoga taught me to breathe on my mat.  Slowly, I’m learning to breathe in life. And after a particularly deep breath, I dove into yoga teacher training.

Ready for a new twist.

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